The Circular Classroom

The Circular Classroom is a free, trilingual (English, Finnish + Swedish) educational resource for students and teachers alike. It is designed to integrate circular thinking into high school classrooms, all packaged up in a fun, beautiful mixed media format.

May 25, 2020
1:00pm Atlantic Time


The Circular Economy Curriculum is designed for use in high schools, offers tools to learn how to redesign products and services so that they are more sustainable, equitable, and effective at meeting our humans needs without creating negative consequences to the planet.

Interactive Tools

A series of interactive educational tools that includes worksheets and videos designed to integrate circular thinking into the classroom. Visit the educators’ hub for a range of extra resources that help to design incredible in-class learning around the Circular Economy.


Check the dedicated Circular Classroom website for all the accompanying videos to go with the downloadable workbooks.

Download the Kit!

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